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This page was originally for Documents only, but its use has been expanded to include links to other resources. Several of the documents were lost last year so if anyone has them so I can bring the library up to date, please send them to


Must be completed by April 1, 2016

2016 NFHS Boys Lacrosse FAQ’s

Bulletin from the March Clinic: CLOA Bulletin March 2016 #2

Link to NCAA vs Federation Rules Differences: Scroll down and look for “NCAA vs. NFHS 2016 ”  (also see the blog article by Jonathan Bernon)

2016 NCAA Rules Video:

2016 NFHS Rules Video:

2016 Youth Rules Video:

Directions to NFHS test center via Arbiter (missing)

CLOA Bylaws amended March 2014
Game Fees 2015 (missing)
W9 Form (missing)

Conny Rules By Level-2015 (missing)