Becoming an Official

Thank you for your inquiries into becoming a high school lacrosse official for boys.  We welcome your interest and look forward to having you join our ranks.

Lacrosse is a terrific sport, one that as an organization and as individuals, our members love.

There are two lacrosse officiating boards in Connecticut. The Connecticut Lacrosse Officials Association (CLOA) serves the entire state with the exception of Fairfield County.  The Western Board (WCLOA) geographic coverage is roughly Fairfield County and north to Danbury.  Our organization is the CLOA, Inc. The girl’s sport has their own board.

About certification, each organization certifies officials for their own area utilizing US Lacrosse’s certification program.  In addition, the CLOA, Inc. honors members transferring in good standing from other State or US Lacrosse recognized organizations.  US Lacrosse designates levels of officiating in the sport.  By joining CLOA, you will become a level 2 official. (Level 1 certification is for youth and level 3 is collegiate.)

To qualify, you must be 18 years of age, pass a closed book rules and mechanics examination, have an Initial Application for Membership approved by the Executive Board of the Association, and have a background check performed by the state athletic association, CIAC.  Furthermore, you need to pay for dues, training, background check, and insurance. You will also need an appropriate uniform and accessories.

We require new lacrosse officials to attend “new officials” classes that begin in January of 2016 after New Years at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford.  There are six Monday sessions and have traditionally run from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  US Lacrosse certified Clinicians, who are members of CLOA, teach the classes.  Successful completion of the exam and application acceptance qualified candidates to officiate in the CLOA. Cost of the training session is $100, which includes a leader led and video instruction, test fee, rulebooks, manuals, insurance and first-year membership in the CLOA.

Successful completion of this course not only qualifies you to officiate in the CLOA, Inc., it results in US Lacrosse Certification Level 2, enabling you to officiate high school lacrosse anywhere in the country.

Transfers, who are members in good standing in other organizations, are always welcome and need only apply to our organization for membership. You must tender a letter from an officer of the previous organization indicating that you are a member in good standing and make application and pay dues to CLOA, Inc. to become active.

On behalf of the membership and the Executive Board, we at the CLOA, Inc. look forward to having you join “The Third Team on the Field”.

Please feel free to contact me with questions. I will send out more information in December as we get closer to the class dates.

If you are definitely interested, please complete this form.

PO Box 485
Wallingford, CT 06492